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Hydroponic Foods

Our cutting edge approach to Greenhouse Hydroponics provides cultivation and harvest of superior quality crops;…

Aquaponic Foods

While worldwide fish consumption is at an all time high, our natural resources are rapidly depleting. Overfishing & environmental issues…

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in the industry and premier grower and marketer of premium quality hydroponic produce and aquaponic fish and shellfish in North Texas and selected parts of the world.


Our hydroponic products are grown under the same provisions as organics, namely no pesticides or herbicides and are not genetically modified. In addition, and what makes us “BETTER THAN ORGANIC”, are the following attributes:

  • Require 1/10 the water of conventional farming (recirculated)
  • No fertilizer run-off polluting steams and drinking water supplies. Our nutrients are mixed into our recirculated water in a continuous-flow, closed loop system.
  • Space efficiency – we have 4-10 times the crop yield per acre (crop dependent) of conventional farming
  • CO2 Reduction – More greens produced per acre means more CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere
  • Healthier product delivered – Produce harvested, shipped, and received at store live maintaining its nutritive value vs. conventional farming that ships product that loses nutritive value from the point of harvesting
  • More eco-friendly – ~60% of the cost of product arriving at a grocery store or restaurant is in transportation. Because we produce locally (within 50 miles of point of retail sale vs. an average of 1,600 miles), there are major reductions in pollution generated from fossil-fuel delivery vehicles.

In 1908 the world was starving. German chemist, Fritz Haber, created The Haber Process for fertilizer. Crop yields increased & the problem was solved. 105 years later, we are approaching the same situation. We believe that BTOF will be a substantial part of the solution. We invite you to join us.